About the National Network

National Network Mission

The purpose of the National Network (“Network”) is to establish a national dialogue on how water quality trading can best contribute to clean water goals. That includes providing options and recommendations to improve consistency, innovation, and integrity in water quality trading.

Who Participates in the Network


Image: Original participants in the National Network (2013)

Formed in 2013, the National Network on Water Quality Trading started with 18 organizations (shown in the banner above) representing the diversity found in most emerging trading programs in the country, including agriculture, wastewater and stormwater utilities, environmental groups, regulatory agencies and practitioners delivering water quality trading programs. The Network’s strength is derived in part from its diversity of experience and viewpoints. Thus, all Network participants are free to maintain their own individual positions on any issues or documents discussed or published by the Network as a whole.

Being a Network participant is defined by participation. Any entity that has read and provided feedback on the National Network guide Building a Water Quality Trading Program: Options and Considerations, and can commit to participate actively in a dialogue may consider themselves a Network participant.

The Work

In 2015, the Network released Building a Water Quality Trading Program: Options and Considerations, as the culmination of the participant’s collaboration and a road map to rigorous, transparent, and effective water quality trading program design.

Today, the Network continues to use the facilitated dialogue structure to connect stakeholders from agriculture, permitted point sources, state water quality agencies, environmental groups, and practitioners in order to share lessons learned and innovations, and work collaboratively on innovations that can benefit the water quality trading community. Read more about active Network dialogues on our Dialogue Series page.

Network Structure

Willamette Partnership is serving as Network Coordinator for an 18 month period starting in January 2016.  In this role, the Partnership provides staffing, logistics, and deliverable development support for the Network’s Dialogue series. The National Network is guided and governed by a Steering Committee that sets the agenda and objectives for upcoming dialgues, selects the Network Coordinator, and identifies experts that can guide and help convene Network dialogues.